Occupational Accident Insurance

Occupational Accident Insurance Coverage For Truckers includes medical, disability, death and dismemberment benefits for accidents that occur on the job. It provides an effective solution to the special risks faced by motor carriers and the independent owner-operators who contract with them. Protect your most important asset – the people behind the wheel.

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Occupational Accident Insurance for Independent Contractors

Occupational Accident Insurance is designed to help 1099 paid, independent contractors in the event that they are injured in an on-the-job, trucking-related accident. This is not to be confused with Workers’ Compensation Coverage. which is only available for W-2 paid employees.

Occupational Accident Insurance provides benefits such as:

  • Accident Medical Expense
  • Accidental Death
  • Accidental Dismemberment and Paralysis
  • Accident Disability Income

What We Offer

Coverage Explained

Truckers Occupational Accident Insurance covers eligible on-the-job accidents that owner-operators or contract drivers sustain while under dispatch. We have the expertise and flexible options that enable us to customize this program to cover the unique risks motor carriers and their drivers confront every day.

Flexible policies usually offer a wide range of choices in benefit levels so you can get different quotes depending on the coverage you want. Also, these policies can be bundled with other commercial trucking coverage which will help you get your cost down.

Again, Truckers Occupational Accident Insurance is not Workers’ Compensation coverage and is not a substitute for Workers’ Compensation coverage.

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